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Sharing Hands work in many states throughout India

Map of India showing the states in different colours

Sharing Hands always have ongoing projects throughout India.

Among the ongoing programs that Sharing Hands run are education, child welfare, water development, relief projects and medical outreaches.

How We Work

Why We Work

To create hope and a future for the abandoned children of India.

Sharing Hands mission is to love, care and educate the forgotten children of a nation. Children who have been abandoned and feel like the unloved members of society. Sharing Hands along with its supporters and sponsors promises to feed, clothe, educate and love all the children who stay in their childrens homes. These children will be supported through their education right into their working careers.

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Orphan children Sponsorship programs

Sharing Hands rescues kids daily, taking them out of a life of fear and hopelessness. You can be a rescuer too!

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Sharing Hands charity

Transforming lives since 1982 so children can have a hope and a future - You can be part of their future!

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Relief Work

Responding to natural disasters, like earthquakes, the tsunami, famines, floods and droughts.

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education & child development

Sharing Hands runs Education & Welfare Centres and has given villages their first ever schools.

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