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Relief Projects

  • Tommy Marrett with a couple of sponsored children
    Make a difference

    For €15 a month you can become part of a childs life.You can be responsible for feeding, clothing and educating a child.

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  • Early construction on the Rajasthan orphanage
    Building projects

    Help out with a building project. It doesn't matter how small - your donation makes a difference.

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  • Children from the Orissa orphanage with gifts provided by Tommy Marrett
    Gifts for children

    Donate money for gifts - footballs, cricket bats, skipping ropes etc., that benefit all the children in the orphanage.

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  • Children from an education centre sitting on the ground listening to a teaching
    Education Centres

    Help educate children from the low caste peoples, who without Sharing Hands would never have a education.

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  • Food being delivered on the back of a pick-up truck for the Sharing Hands children's birthday in Chennai
    Food and Medical

    Help support Sharing Hands in their food and medical outreaches, to those who would otherwise do without.

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  • Smiling happy kids from the Chennai orphanage
    Visit Sharing Hands

    Come to India, meet with your sponsored child and visit parts of India that are not on the tourist list.

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Mumbai Food Project

Due to rising population, the number of people living in Indian city slums is rising.

Slum areas always lack the basic necessities of Life, clean water, electricity and sanitation. The Christmas food Box project was run in the slum area of Mumbai. The initial plan was to feed 1000 families for 1 month. Each box contained a month’s supply of rice, lentils etc., and was gratefully received by all the families. These families lived in squalid conditions, on the rubbish dumps, along the sewer pipes and under plastic sheets beside railway lines.

While standing on the main street I never thought that the tiny narrow streets leading into the slums even existed.

It was a complete maze of streets with twists and turns that eventually lead us to the sewer pipes. I was travelling with Kingsly and Paul-Peter and I had no idea how they could remember all the twists and turns. Dharavi is spread over an area of 175 hectares, or 0.67 square miles (1.7 km2) and has a population of between 600,000 and over 1 million people and is one of the largest slums in the world. It used to be the largest slum in Mumbai at one time, but as of 2011, there are four slums in Mumbai larger than Dharavi.

Walking along on top of the sewer pipes was like being in a different world, surrounded by millions of tons of rubbish.

It was something I had seen in a documentary once, now I was living it. All the people we spoke to were friendly and pleasant, even in their poverty. Afterwards we walked to the railway line and met the railway children. They all live under plastic sheets along the track and some of them told me their stories and from what parts of India they came from. What really surprised me was that some of the teenage boys could speak English. Even though they owned nothing, they asked for nothing, they just wanted me to keep taking their photographs.

Before we ran this project kingsly had come to Ireland to stay with me and kick off the fundraising for it. Because of the generosity of so many people we were able to feed 1400 families for one month.

Tsunami Relief Work

Sharing Hands has been able to rescue and provide medical aid, food, clothing and shelter for more than 700 families who were victims of great tsunami in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh on the east coast of India in 2004.

Volunteers from Sharing Hands were involved in the rebuilding program and worked as cooks (cooking healthy meals with vegetables for the children and adults), Transporting and distributing clean water bottles, providing 15 litre water cans and thousands of kilos of rice and stoves to cook the food on. They also provided the vessels to cook the food, night lamps, blankets, mats and trunk boxes to store their belongings in. Sharing Hands also provided and set up tents for the victims, lots of clothes and practical medicines, because of serious and deadly infections.

Sharing Hands also rebuilt a church in the area and took in an extra 200 orphaned children into the Chennai orphanage. At that time the present Chennai Children’s Home was still under construction. The then rented building was far too small for the numbers that were in it without an extra 200. But the only other option was to send them out on the streets, but to Sharing Hands this was not an option.

All the children were taken in and provided with beds, regular meals, schooling, uniforms, medical care and whatever else they needed. My job was to find caring people who would sponsor these children, so we could give them a chance in life and save them from a life of misery.

You too could also become a sponsor and make a difference in the life of a child.

Other Relief Operations

Apart from caring for orphans, Sharing Hands has always been there to give a helping hand to those in need of it. It acted often as a first responder to natural disasters, like earthquakes, the tsunami, famines, floods and droughts etc. Along with taking part in the rescue operations, Sharing Hands provided medical aid, food, clothing and shelter for more than 300 families who were victims of the great earthquake in Gujarath, in the north west of India in 2002.

Sharing Hands has been able to rescue and provide medical aid, food, clothing and shelter for more than 700 families who were victims of great tsunami in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh on the east coast of India in 2004. Sharing Hands took in an extra 200 children into the Chennai orphanage after the tsunami.

Sharing Hands has been able to rescue and provide medical aid, food, clothing and shelter for more than 1200 families who were victims of famine and poverty in Maharashtra, on the west coast of India in 2009.

Sharing Hands has been able to rescue and provide medical aid, food, clothing and shelter for more than 1400 families who were victims of floods in Thiruppur, south of India in 2011.


  • Chennai

    This is where it all started, with a couple who had a vision and a heart for the unwanted children of India. It was through the love and sacrifice of John and Rachel that has brought about the birth of Sharing Hands.

  • Rajasthan

    The Rajasthan orphanage project was given to Tommy Marrett by Sharing Hands as an Irish project. Within a few months the funds were raised to buy the land and lay the foundations for what now has become a home for many children who have come from difficult backgrounds.

  • Orissa

    The children in the Orissa home have some of the most heart breaking stories of them all. Many of them had seen their parents, grandparents and family members killed and now live with these terrible memories.

  • Andhra Pradesh

    All these lovely beautiful children eat, sleep and live on the floor of a small church. But every time I meet them they are full of happiness and joy and thank God daily for the blessings for what they have.

  • Sponsor a Child

    This is one way in which each and everyone of us can help. Between us all we can make a difference to the lives of these children.

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  • Additional Information
  • Relief Work
  • Hope Box Project