let`s put an end to
poverty in India!


  • Tommy Marrett with two sponsored children
    Make a difference

    For €15 a month you can become part of a childs life.You can be responsible for feeding, clothing and educating a child.

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  • Building in progress at the Rajasthan orphanage
    Building projects

    Help out with a building project. It doesn't matter how small - your donation makes a difference.

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  • Children at the Orissa orphanage with gifts given by Tommy Marrett
    Gifts for children

    Donate money for gifts - footballs, cricket bats, skipping ropes etc., that benefit all the children in the orphanage.

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  • Children at an Education Centre
    Education Centres

    Help educate children from the low caste peoples, who without Sharing Hands would never have a education.

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  • Food being provided for the children's birthday part
    Food and Medical

    Help support Sharing Hands in their food and medical outreaches, to those who would otherwise do without.

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  • Happy smiling children at the Chennai orphanage
    Visit Sharing Hands

    Come to India, meet with your sponsored child and visit parts of India that are not on the tourist list.

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Sponsorship Program

Why should I sponsor a child?

Some of these children are left at the orphanages, but most of them are rescued from the streets. Many orphan children belong to street gangs or professional begging rings. The pimps or bosses are very cruel to these children, often plucking out their eyes or crippling them so that they can make more money out of them. Other kids are trained how to steal and this then becomes their life, making money for their cruel owners until they are caught or killed. Life expectancy is very low with malnutrition, disease, street fights or being killed by the bosses.

Sharing Hands endeavours to get in early and rescue kids daily, releasing them from fear and hopelessness. You can a rescuer too! You don’t have to even go out on the streets. But for €15/month you can save a child’s life, let them know that someone loves and cares for them.

Could I ever visit the child that I sponsor?

Every year at Christmas your sponsored child will send you a letter (which will be translated) and a picture that they drew for you. I will also get updates on their health, education and general well-being for any sponsors who request one. If a sponsor is serious about visiting their child, then they can travel with me on one of my trips. But you will also need to be prepared to travel with me throughout India to visit the other orphanages and other projects.

How can I become a sponsor?

Please read the information on the website to try and get as much information as possible. If you’re still interested in becoming a sponsor, please email me on the email provided, or ring me anytime. Both the email and phone number are provided on the page.

How much is it to sponsor a child?

The cost of sponsoring a child is €15/month. This is normally paid by direct debit, but you can lodge it yourself when it suits, if you wish. Many of our sponsors just make one lodgement a year of €180. If you can’t do a regular payment, we will gratefully receive any donation, no matter how small it all makes a difference.

How can I get involved?

Again just email me or ring me, I would love to talk to you. If you would like to run a fundraising event, send me the details and I will help you anyway I can, then post it on the website, Facebook and twitter.

If I fundraise, can I select which project the money goes to?

Yes you can, you can decide if you want it to go towards a building project, orphanage, clean water, food program, education, medical clinics etc. If you contact me I’ll give you a list of what projects are running or in the planning or priority. You decide!


  • Chennai

    This is where it all started, with a couple who had a vision and a heart for the unwanted children of India. It was through the love and sacrifice of John and Rachel that has brought about the birth of Sharing Hands.

  • Rajasthan

    The Rajasthan orphanage project was given to Tommy Marrett by Sharing Hands as an Irish project. Within a few months the funds were raised to buy the land and lay the foundations for what now has become a home for many children who have come from difficult backgrounds.

  • Orissa

    The children in the Orissa home have some of the most heart breaking stories of them all. Many of them had seen their parents, grandparents and family members killed and now live with these terrible memories.

  • Andhra Pradesh

    All these lovely beautiful children eat, sleep and live on the floor of a small church. But every time I meet them they are full of happiness and joy and thank God daily for the blessings for what they have.

  • Sponsor a Child

    This is one way in which each and everyone of us can help. Between us all we can make a difference to the lives of these children.

  • Building Projects
  • Additional Information
  • Relief Work
  • Hope Box Project