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Chennai Children’s Home is biggest of all the orphanages

Chennai formerly known as Madras is the capital city of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and has a tropical wet and dry climate and lies on the thermal equator. Because it is situated on the coast this prevents extreme variation in seasonal temperature. The weather is hot and humid for most of the year with maximum temperatures around 35–40 °C (95–104 °F).

Chennai Children’s Home is biggest of all the orphanages it has a clean atmosphere and safe environment. It is secure on all sides with high security gates and a spacious play ground with swings and slides and everything that they need. It also has its own well, so there is an abundance of water for the daily needs of the children.

Help Make a Difference

Sharing Hands took in an extra 200 orphaned children into the Chennai orphanage after the tsunami. At that time the present Chennai Children’s Home was still under construction. The then rented building was too small for the numbers that were in it, without an extra 200. But the only other option was to send them out on the streets, but to Sharing Hands this was not an option.

All the children were taken in and provided with beds, regular meals, schooling, uniforms, medical care and whatever else they needed. My job was to find caring people who would sponsor these children, so we could give them a chance in life and save them from a life of misery.

You too could also become a sponsor and make a difference in the life of a child.

Sharing Hands Children’s Birthday

Because the birthdays of the children are unknown to themselves or Sharing Hands, it was decided to have a big birthday celebration for all the kids on the 3rd August every year. I have been there for it and it is a wonderful, joyous occasion. There’s lots of excitement among the children and a special meal with plenty of fun and games.

Run for India!

Women’s mini marathon is on in June every year. You can raise funds to help the orphan children of India. Your help will give them a better way of life. Collect sponsorship, then run, walk or just have fun - While making a difference in the lives of children.

Gifts for the Children

Every year when I visit all the orphanages I always bring gifts for the children. The first year that I went out there I brought a suitcase full of presents from the sponsors. But Ryanair put a dampner on it by charging me €180 just to bring the case from Dublin to UK to get my connecting flight to India. So now when sponsors give me money I buy the gifts when I get out there. Items include cricket bats, footballs, skipping ropes, board games, badminton rackets etc., they look forward to this now every time I visit. They just love it! The joy, the wonder, the excitement on their smiling faces – it’s priceless! Our euro goes so much further in India; a little can bring so much joy to a child.

Food and Staff

The small vision has grown today from caring for 5 children to over 1,000 orphans, with a taskforce of 110 fulltime staff. They are there to help, love and care and teach the children. There are also a dedicated and experienced team of doctors who examine the children every week and this helps in monitoring the children’s health records.

Sharing Hands today supplies more than 1 metric ton of food every 24 hours to all its beneficiaries. They have 20 full time cooks and supply 365 metric tons of food to the children in all its four centres annually.

Sharing Hands today Shelters its children, staff and beneficiaries, in about 30,000 sq. meters of rented, leased and owned buildings, in four states all across India. Ever since 1982 this mission is running non-stop, impacting lives, changing and transforming the future of the upcoming generations all over India.

This has been made possible through the generous continuous support of our caring loving sponsors, and through the hand of God. Please get involved and support in whatever way you can.

Play Area

Sharing Hands children in front yard of their home
Front yard of Chennai home

The Chennai kids are blessed with a massive play area in front of their home. The children play football, cricket, babminton and with skipping ropes during their play time. Or just walk and talk or use the Thomas Park which is out of the picture but contains swings, slides, seesaw and a roundabout.

Sharing Hands children having a special meal for their birthday
  Special birthday meal

This is probably the best day of the year in the Chennai home - sharing their birthday with them! It is a day of fun and games and ends with a special meal for all the kids and staff, followed by cutting the birthday cake with a slice for everyone!

Sharing Hands children receiving a slice of cake for their birthday
  Enjoying the birthday cake

Spending this day with the children is always a wonderful experience. They are so happy and full of joy for everything they have. Even though there are hundreds of children here they look after one another and are a true family.