Together we can help

make a differance!

  • Two children that live on the sewer pipes
    Love those who have never felt it!
  • Sharing Hands school in Dalit village
    uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed Psalm 82:3
  • Tommy and Kingsly visiting a Dalit village
    Give your helping hand to those who need it!
  • Boys who attend the Dalit village school
    Give unwanted goods to charity!
  • Sharing Hands birthday 3rd August
    Save needy from a life of misery!
  • Boys playing cricket with bats, ball and wickets bought by Tommy Marrett
    Change the life of those who have no hope!
  • Gifts given to children by Tommy Marrett
    look after orphans & widows James 1:27
  • Kingsly with a family that he gave a hope box to
    Feed The Poor They need your help!
  • Two children that live on the masive rubbish dump area of Mumbai
    Please help us We live on this rubbish dump!
These children were the victims of forced child labour, child trafficking for sexual abuse, organ trading, and bonded slavery.
Chennai Children’s Home is biggest of all the orphanages. These children have been rescued from the streets, street gangs and almost certain death.
After the extremist’s attacks there were many children left orphaned. Whole families were murdered even children were killed.
Andhra Pradesh
The present home is a small church with cement sheets on the roof and the children eat and sleep on the floor of it.


  • Tommy Marrett standing with Chennai orphans holding the gifts that Tommy gave them
    Giving Gifts to Children.

    Every year when I visit all the orphanages I always bring gifts for the children.

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  • An image of a street in the slum area of Mumbai
    Mumbai Food Project.

    This project was run in the slum area of Mumbai, the plan was to feed 1000 families for 1 month.

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  • Rescued children standing on the construction site of their new home
    Building Projects.

    Currently we have a big extension in progress at the Orissa home.

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  • Tommy Marrett and trekking team raising funds for India
    Run a Fundraising Event.

    If you have any ideas for fundraising please contact us and we would love to help you.

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  • Tommy Marrett with two sponsored children including his own
    Sponsor a Child.

    For €15/month you can save a child’s life, let them know that someone loves them.

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  • Carolyn Solenko with two other people who took part in the mini marathon
    Run or walk to Save Lives.

    Carolyn Solanka ran to give children a better life - can you join her in 2014?

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Orphan children Sponsorship programs

Sharing Hands rescues kids daily, taking them out of a life of fear and hopelessness. You can be a rescuer too!

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Sharing Hands charity

Transforming lives since 1982 so children can have a hope and a future - You can be part of their future!

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Relief Work

Responding to natural disasters, like earthquakes, the tsunami, famines, floods and droughts.

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education & child development

Sharing Hands runs Education & Welfare Centres and has given villages their first ever schools.

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